Księga pamiątkowej ku czci Jana Tredera „W poszukiwaniu prawa dobrego i sprawiedliwego” pod red. K. Lubińskiego
15 numer Comparative Law Rewiev
Wizyta Profesor Jolanty Kren Kostkiewicz
J. May, Obrona pozwanego w procesie cywilnym przed sądem I instancji


Tom 15 (2013)

Professor Wiesław Lang (1928 – 2012)

R. Cotterrell: Classical Social Theory and Ideas of Responsibility and the State in France and Germany

E. Bagińska: Remedying Patients for Moral Harm Arising from an Infringement of Patients’ Rights

M. Bączyk: Das Problem des Schadensersatzes für den sog. vertanen Urlaub in der Rechtsprechung der polnischen Gerichte

B. Rakoczy: Environmental Law or Environmental Protection Law? A Comparative Legal Analysis

B. Gronowska: The Strasbourg Court – Between Individual or General Justice

J. Wójcikiewicz: On the Benefits to Polish Law of a Comparative Analysisof Identification Parades

Z. Kmieciak: The Efficiency of Administrative Courts (in the Light of European and Polish Experiences)

B. Karolczyk: Pretrial as a Part of Judicial Case Management in Poland in Comparative Perspective

Ł. Błaszczak, J. Kolber: General Principles of Law and Equity as a Basis for Decision-Making in Arbitration

M. K. Kolasiński: Protection of Individuals Against Competition Law Violations in the Polish Legal System

A. Jakubecki: Opening of Insolvency Proceedings pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 on Insolvency Proceedings

A. Gidi: The Class Action Code. A Model for Civil Law Countries

Z. Pepłowska-Dąbrowska: Book Review: “Global Sales and Contract Law”, Ingeborg Schwenzer, Pascal Hachem and Christopher Kee, Oxford University 2012